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Side Effects of Stopping Yasmin/Ocella
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Side Effects of Stopping Yasmin/Ocella

How long with the side effects of stopping Yasmine/Ocella last?  I am now 31 years old and I stopped taking Yasmin 3 months ago The first month my period was 38 days late and I thought I was pregnant. I was extremely tired, nausaous, moody and bloated. Since I have gained weight (especially in my abdomen and thighs. Not to mention my breasts and butt are swelling more and more everyday), I having a lot of water retention in my feet and hands as well as this red rash like swelling in my big toe after I am standing for a bit. I am also having eposodic blotchiness in my arms, hards, legs and feet coupled with feeling extremely cold at times. At other times I am having hot flashes.

Can anyone tell me how long I can expect to have these symptoms? Is there anyway to counteract these symptoms.

I am trying to be patient, but this is extremely frustrating and is making me more depressed. I am a healthy person and all I want is for my body tp go back to normal. I welcome any suggestions or feedback.

Thank you.
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Yasmin is a huge deffault that needs to be taken off all gyn's shelvs!!!
it may work for a year so on and so on you may be on it and not have any issues
but after a couple years you will start having organ issues!!
i was int he hospital in 2007 with ivs and cat skans cause the doctors couldnt figure out what is wrong with me in 2008 i stoped all meds cuzi found out i was pregnant! i had a misscariiage and lost alll my weight!!! i believe yasmin if u stop taken it u most likely will gain weight cuz that pill will cause u to eat alot while on it... and it did for me!! so if anything watch ur weight and what u eat!!! work out and keep yourself healthy
but also every females body is different nd works differently! if your confused about this and how these pills r effecting your body i suggest you to talk to your obgyn!!!
thats the best place to get your answers from!!

again any female reading this post or whomever stop taken yasmin i was on yasmin from 9th grade all the way up to 2007 and the beg of '07 is when i started having orgain issues! its not 2010 and i havent had any issues in like 2-3 yrs since iv been off of it!!!!!!!
im sueing yasmin!!!!!!!!!!!!! its been all over the news and newspapers along with on line
try googling yasmin organ problems or issues
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