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Help please - abnormal blood tests
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Help please - abnormal blood tests

I just had my latest round of blood tests, there are some abnormals.I am a 35 yr old female. Please help me to understand what this means. (I'm sorry this is long)

HB 14.1  (11.5 -16.5)
PCV 44.4%  (37 - 47)
RCC 4.38  (3.80 - 5.80)
MCV 101  (80 - 96)
MCH 32.2  (27 - 32)
MCHC 31.8  (32 - 36)

My GGT is also raised at 33 (<30), Complement C3 is 1.76 (0.79 - 1.77) although not raised is up on the high side. anti ds-DNA is at 6 (0-7). Urine protein electrophoresis came back raised at 0.34 (0.0-0.20) but no Bence Jones Pretein found.
These tests were done because I have had 4 serum electrophoresis blood tests come back abnormal. The latest was in January and had the following results
Total protein 81  (65 - 85)
Albumin 50  (38 - 50)
Alpha 1 Globulin 4  (2.1 - 3.5)
Alpha 2 Glob. 10.5  (5.1 - 8.5)
Beta 1 Glob. 6.2  (3.4 - 5.2)
Beta 2 Glob 3.5  (2.3 - 4.7)
IgG 10  (5.2 - 16)
IgA 1.27  (0.85 - 3.50)
IgM 0.50  (0.32 - 3)
Comment was 'Oligoclonal banding present in the Gamma region'

I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, fibromyalgia, sinusitis, IBS, lactose intolerance and am 3 months post op from hip arthroscopy for labral tear with minor cam lesion. My doctor has had me on watch and wait with these slight abnormalities in serum electrophoresis for over a year now but each time I get tested they keep rising. Can you please help me with what is going on? Is this normal?
Your blood parameters are all normal. GTT of 33 cannot be taken as raised. Raised urine protein electrophoresis in absence of Bence Jones proteins is of not much significance. Since oligoclonal bands are present, and alpha 2 and beta globulin are raised, you could be having an antigenic stimulation due to either a viral or bacterial infection, or due to vaccine shots, or an autoimmune disease or due to  angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy. Since your IgG levels are normal (ant not less), chances of chronic lymphocytic anemia, and immunodeficiency and immunosuppressive treatments are less. Heart and bone marrow transplants can also cause oligoclonal bands in presence of low IgG.
Take care!
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