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High Iron Level
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High Iron Level

I am 29/f. 5'2" 113lbs. I had gastric bypass surgery 12/14/2009. At my routine 18 month post op visit I was notified that my iron levels are too high. I am wondering what may cause this sudden rise in iron. I have an appt with my PCP in two weeks. Would you suggest any questions to ask or information to provide? I thank you for your time and assistance.

Current Lab from 06/15/2011
Iron 209ug/dl
IBC 338ug/dl
Iron Sat 61.9%

Previous Lab from 12/01/2010
Iron 45ug/dl
IBC 307ug/dl
Iron Sat 14.5%

Previous Lab from 09/17/2010
Iron 140ug/dl
IBC 305ug/dl
Iron Sat 45.9%

Current Meds:
Dilantin 200mg BID ( I have epilepsy)
Omeprazole 20mg qd
Folic Acid 2mg BID
Calcium Citrate 1000mg QID
Biotin 1000mg qd
B-12 Sublingual 2500mcg QOD
Multi-Vit (Women's One a Day) 1tab BID

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