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Low RBC, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit (Anemia?)
In April of 2010 I had the following basic CBC results:

WBC: 4.7 L
RBC: 4.61 L
Hemoglobin:13.9 L
Hematocrit: 39.5 L
MCV: 85.5
MCH: 30.2
MCHC: 35.3
RDW: 12.9
Platelet Count: 247
MPV: 6.4 L

This month I had another test with the following results:

WBC: 6.1
RBC: 4.28 L
Hemoglobin: 13.2 L
Hematocrit: 37.6 L
MCV: 87.9
MCH: 30.8
MCHC: 35.1
RDW: 13
Platelet Count: 206
MPV: 8.5

The RBC, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit and Platelets all went down a bit with slight fluctuations in the other numbers and the MPV going up. I am scheduled to see the doctor next month (I usually get the blood work early from the lab.) What do the results mean? What should I be concerned about and what should I ask him? My father recently passed from myeloma so this concerns me as well. At the very least it seems like I'm anemic but is this an indication of a larger issue? Thanks for your help.
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Hi there. Normal MCH 27-33pg, yours 30.8.
MCHC 33- 36%, , yours 35.1
MCV 80 – 96 fl, yours 87.9
RDW 12-15%, yours 13%
   RBC 4.7 – 6.1/ mcL,  yours 4.28
Hg 14-18g/dl, yours 13.2
HCT 42-52%, yours 37.6
Platelets, 150-400, yours 206
MPV 7.4-10.4Fl, yours 8.5
WBC 4.5 -11, yours 6.1
I think your concern is the RBC count, low value of hemoglobin and hemocrit. This points towards anemia. You can check your ferritin levels and total iron binding capacity, TIBC to check if this is iron deficiency anemia or a hemolytic anemia.the rest of the indices are well within normal limits.
Consult a hematologist and voice your concerns. Take care.

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