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Bipolar? BPD?
I am 48yrs old and have had a lifetime of depression, self harm and suicidal attempts, 8yrs ago i was diagnosed with bipolar and BPD. then 4 yrs ago the mental health team stated I had nothing wrong with me and so discharged me from my psychiatrist, CPN and psychologist. Right in the middle of this discharge my children were placed on the 'at risk' register due to me having bipolar but also I have a son who has combined ADHD, ODD dyslexia, learning difficulties and severe behavioural problems. I complained but nothing was resolved, in fact the whole team have lied and I sent my case to the Ombudsman, 101 documents of proof, such as
1/ MHT state to this day we have not had a referral from my DR, then I have a letter that states from the MHT, that theyve received a letter from my Dr and woiuld like to offer me an appointment.
The Ombudsman needed guidance and so this has taken nearly a yr.
I am still perscribed Carbamazapine, and I was perscribed Seroxate also, until recently when I became really depressed and the seroxate was replaced with Prozac. About 2 weeks ago I orderwed my medication and the Dr had left out the Prozac, I have informed him of this and he said to just make anpother appointment to see him, but that it next week and Im really feeling things now.
Is all this right?
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