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head injury
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head injury

I was in an accident in June and I fractured my skull in 3 places. I also severed my olfactory nerves and lost my ability to smell and taste. Some of the websites I have been researching have slightly suggested that psychological issues can stem from a severe head injury. However, none of these websites have given me enough informtion to understand if this is possibly something I am going through. What are the psychological issues that can occur (if any) and what causes them? Just the fact that I hit my head or is there more to it?
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It is possible to develop psychological issues after a head injury. The severity of those problems would depend on how bad the injury was. Was the brain damaged in any way? How long was the recovery period, in better terms, how long were you out of your normal routine until you felt better physically? what is your emniorment like?
If your brain wasnt damaged permanently or to an extent in which your functioning, thinking and decision making wasnt effected than the psychological effects would be more limited to depression, anxiety, fears, irrability and poor sleep.
When your well being is effected and you become injured or ill keeping you from living your normal activities depression and anxiety, sleep problems and fears can become more amplified.

Serious head injury resulting in long standing brain damage can cause the above plus temper outburst, immpulsivity, wandering. Poor judgment, forgetfulness, poor attention span, trouble performing more than one task and organizational difficulties.
Some injuries that may cause these problems are Frontal lobe bruising, nuerotransmitter imbalance and post head injury seizures.

Uusally the psychological effects stemming from head injury or brain damaged are looked at from more than one perspective such as your enviorment and biological factors(medications, past head injuries, hormone imbalances, the use of non-prescription drugs and alcohol..etc)which may effect your functioning and psychological well being.

But whether a brain injury has a link to something like schizophrenia is undetermined because it hasnt been studied enough. It has been suggested though that it may be a risk factor in someone with a genetic predisposition, but no one has been able to say for certain at this point.
If you have a genetic predisposition to any mental illness than any trauma physical or psychological may play a part in its development.
I hope you continue to recover from your injuries. Even just being in such a serious accident with litttle injury can cause fear, depression and anxiety.  The fact thta you have lost your ability to smell and taste could be causing you depression and anxiety although you would need to see someone in order for them to determine that.
It is a complicated problem and so the answer would depend on your individual situation and you unfortunitly wont be able to get an indepth answer over the internet. You may want to consider making an appointment with a nuerologist or seeing your doctor to talk about your concerns and what the risks are.
If your experiencing psychological problems then please get in to see someone as soon as possible.
I wish you all the best in your recovery!


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