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new to BPD

hi everyone! im a regular on the anxiety and depression forums but im new here, just wondering if maybe i could get some insight: this is my situation-
as a kid:
was in a psychologists office multiple times from age 9 go up because i would threaten to kill myself, i had random outbursts of anger followed by severe emotion frequently.
i would always get so angry at my parents and lash out at them and then immedaitely beg for thier forgiveness
always petrified of things i never should have been petrified of and had an unnatural fear of death

as a teen:
was constantly bullied becuase i was 'different'
lead to severe depression (diagnosed)
been in one very tumultous relationship where love and hate were interchanging feelings on a daily basis
feel empty and worthless
unsure of who i am and constantly changing my idea of who i am

early adult:
depression and anxiety (diagnosed)
HATE being alone
scared that im going to hurt myself
still unsure of who i am and my rationale keeps changing constantly
feel empty, worthless and almost bored?

just wondering if this fits with BPD, i have done my research and it sounds like it but just wanted an opinion from someone who has this disorder, also are anxiety and depression common with this disorder?

thanks guys!
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It could easily be bpd.  You should discuss this with your doctor some time.

Anxiety and depression are common with the disorder.  My understanding of bpd is that it is essentially due to anxiety.  It's all complicated and largely due to our internal worlds.

My first psych diagnosis was of severe depression and anxiety followed several years later by a bpd diagnosis.

Even without looking it sounds as though you meet a lot of the dsm-iv for bpd.

I would talk more but now doesn't feel like a good time for me.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask and people here will try their best to answer them.
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