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Age and testosterone
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Age and testosterone

Hi, I am 22 years old and fear I may be suffering from low testosterone. My mood is very up and down. When it's down i feel physically weak, tired, uncoordinated, lack of a sex drive, socially anxious, general sense of fear, physically bloated and a generally unhealthy look. The physical symptoms can be so severe that I can look a few years younger and heavier suddenly just from the facial bloating and bloating in my pectoral and lower stomach area.

When these symptoms do come on, I feel helpless. My mind is saying I have no reason to feel this way, but it's out of my control.

The reason I suspect its an issue of testosterone levels is when the symptoms occur, I feel almost feminine. That feeling of feeling like a man just disappears. I heard zinc helps boost testosterone levels so I took it for a while but I was scared I was taking too much so I stopped.

I have no insurance and can't afford medical care at the moment so I haven't had my levels checked. This is really bugging me, I'm only 22 and shouldn't feel this way. So besides being able to confirm if this is infact low T, I would appreciate it if someone can let me know what can cause this in such a young person.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi there and thanks so much for posting this question.
Please feel free to post in the Endicronology forum as well. From your description it can be a various reasons but in my opinion it may be a slight hormonal imbalance that is not that unusual in women of early age.

Here is some information about Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance:

Women and Testosterone

However lets not forget the importance of exercise and hormones.

You can try some of my exercises for free here:
You always have great detail MGonzalezWallace, but the impression I got is that LennyPane is a guy but has times when he feels 'almost feminine'...?

How is your diet/physical activity like? That might be contributing to your symptoms. Are your symptoms linked with any (major) changes (diet/exercise/stress etc)?

Not from a medical background but keeping track of details of these occurences will help you and/or other people to figure out the triggers.

Good luck
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