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Had brain MRI and need advice from you guys

Yesterday when im in a meeting suddenly felt that my left arm and foot became weak and went to the e.r. and the doctor requested for ecg , blood test and brain mri (stroke protocol) im kinda worried because they said i need to go to my neuro and discharge me without any medication.  I also have history of panic attacks / anxiety and felt that im getting out of balance since last year. Im also taking xanor as needed and prozac

Im a 30 year old male weight 240 pounds 5 '10 height and i weight 340 pounds 2 years ago i exercise everyday religiously i run on the treadmill for 10 minutes and fast walking for 20 minutes then cool down. Im a smoker since 18 y.o. taking up crestor 10mg every other day and takes aspirin 100mg / day my blood pressure is always around 110/70 upto 130/90

heres the result of my ecg with occational mobitz type 2

and the result of my mri


Axial T1 , Flair and GRE sequences as well as diffussion weighted images were obtained without contrast


No acute infarct in the diffussion weighted images

Hyperintense signal in the FLAIR sequence on the right side of the rostrum of the corpus callosum and faintly in the
right posterior centrum semiovale

The rest of the brain parenchyma is normal No mass lesion

No hemorrhages noted in the GRE sequence

Ventricles are not dilated

No midline shift

Posterior fossa structures and brainstem are unremarkable

Incidentally mucus retention cyst in the sphenoid sinus


Consider white matter ischemic changes . right side of the rostrum of the corpus callosum and right posterior centrum semiovale

No acute infarct in the diffusion weighted images

Incidentally mucus retention cyst in the sphenoid sinus.

Hope to hear from you guys


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Hi. I was just looking through the posts, and I saw that no one answered you. I don't understand your reading at all, because I am in diagnosed and new to this.

I am writing because I also posted a request for someone to hopefully help me understand my MRI around the same time, and I also got no responses. I was very, very warmly welcomed into the community, but then no one responded when I had test info.

I am wondering if we might be asking in the wrong forum or something (although I think you might have reported in the expert forum too). I feel really badly that no one responded to me -- and I'm a little worried I committed some kind of forum "sin" that I don't know about. I hope not, as that wasn't my intention, and I'm sure not yours either.

While I am a married female, you and I have a lot in common. I used to weigh 267 pounds. I had a Bariatric surgery which I think was the beginning of my neurological troubles. But I also understand anxiety, depression, smoking, etc.

all I can tell from your reading is that "no mass lesion" is a GOOD thing, but that doesn't mean you don't have a problem neurologically! I am going through umdiagnosis angst myself... it is very difficult. My thoughts will be with you.

I wish you the best, and I do hope someone with some knowledge gives you some input.

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