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What types of excorsizes are healthy for me & my fetus?
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Thanks so much for posting this question.
I have great news for you since there is emerging research showing the importance of mild exercise for you and your unborn baby. There are different factors that you should take into consideration such as how far are you in the pregnancy or if you were active before getting pregnant. You should keep the same level of activity but slightly modifying it and adjusting it to mild.

New scientific evidence indicates that pregnant women who exercise are not only benefiting their own health, but they are improving the health of their unborn babies. Experts recommend engaging in mild to moderate exercise each day to improve their baby's development and physiological health in the womb, according to the April 7, 2010, issue of "Time" magazine. As always, pregnant women should avoid strenuous or risky exercise.

Study to consider:
Physical activity and pregnancy: cardiovascular adaptations, recommendations and pregnancy outcomes.
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