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why i feeling tired all the time even i slept 8 hours a day
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Thanks for your question and I have heard your symptoms quite often from different patients. Many people experience loss of energy and increased tiredness even sleeping 8 hours. Sometimes our circadian cycle (sleeping) doesn't get adjusted. By the way I sleep 5-6 hours and try to take a nap between the day not sure if you can do that. In other words although is highly recommended 8 hours a day maybe less is better so I will try to help you and give you some suggestions.
Anxiety and stress can cause sleeping disturbances since our nervous system can not get turned off.
I would recommend that you add some physical activity and meditation for greater rest.
Did you know that when you move or do exercises 6 hours prior that region were able to get better sleep, since the brain sleeping patterns is a local phenomena so maybe there are regions of your brain that do not get the rest they need to and maybe if you use them it would help. However it can be multiple factors as well such as hormonal component or environment factors

Take a look at this study:
Arm immobilization causes cortical plastic changes and locally decreases sleep slow wave activity copy and paste: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16936722
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