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Please help
Ok, I have had zero libido for 12 years, got bloods taken for thyroid and everything related to testosterone, all came back fine.

Took a trial testogel anyway and it worked amazingly for a month, depressed mood and libido improved dramatically  but then started to trail of and is now completely gone, for that month I felt more like my old self in 14 years of been depressed.
Alreay tried 3 years of various anti depressants and every form of talk therapy there is.

Where do I go from here? Please help me as I am a complete loss, was thinking of getting an MRI done on my pituitary gland and brain

29 yr old male
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Dear Edcasey22

You should see an endocrinologist. There are other hormones that control/regulate libido. You must have a complete evaluation.
It is not time for MRI yet. Your prolactin level must be known before that for instance.

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