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Teenager with GH deficiency? HELP!
I am a 15 year old teenage boy who has been dealing with chronic headaches, fatigue, and brain fog for about 3.5 years. I also have occasional joint pain alongside lower back and neck stiffness. I have been unable to gain any weight and have very little appetite. My endocrinologist recently tested me for IGF-1, along with various other hormones.
My IGF-1 came back 137. The range is 237 - 996.

Strangely, I have grown perfectly well. I am almost 6'0 tall and appear even older than I actually am. Is it possible that the low IGF-1 is causing my symptoms?

I would appreciate any help!

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Dear ipad135

It could be; however, it is important to have a complete pituitary hormonal panel before any conclusion here.

Low GH and consequent low IGF-1 can be related to decreased quality of life and some aches.

If other pituitary hormones are also decreased then a pituitary MRI is recommended in my opinion.

thank you
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