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cyst or tumor in left basil ganglia growing. is their any success stori...
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cyst or tumor in left basil ganglia growing. is their any success stories

Hi im 26 yrs old 5 yrs ago I went for a MRI because of neck and head pain when working and they found a 12 x 10 x 12 mm cystic structure present within the most inferior portion in the left basil ganglia well I went on for 5 yrs without following up and now it has grown to 1.5 cm/ 15mm.. I am seriously worried now and still having headaches when I work hard or bending over a lot while working. My question is what can happen if it continues to grow? And what should I do? My neurologist doesn't really explain much jus gives me the options to wait and watch or have a risky biopsy done.. is there anybody who has had this problem and can share their experience please help thankyou!
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Dear Codycody

It is hard for me to give an specilist opinion on this without seeing the imaging.
Is that possible for you to send me the imaging? I would review it for you free of charge.

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Oh and I had blood work done no sighn of cancer or sistercircosis
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You can always get another opinion if you are having symptoms that are bothering you. As a fellow patient - I might not opt for a biopsy just go straight for treatment.

Here is some info FYI:
"Neuroepithelial cysts presenting with movement disorders: two cases.
Heran NS, Berk C, Constantoyannis C, Honey CR.

Surgical Centre for Movement Disorders, Division of Neurosurgery, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The authors present two cases of movement disorders caused by neuroepithelial cysts and highlight their management. Neuroepithelial cysts are ependymal or epithelial lined fluid collections of unknown etiology within the central nervous system parenchyma with no obvious ventricular or subarachnoid connection. Most cysts are asymptomatic, however, some present with seizures, mass effect, or rarely with movement disorders.

The first patient, a 27-year-old female, presented with progressive weakness, dystonic posturing, tremor, ballismus and choreoathetotic movements of her right upper extremity. Her symptoms improved after stereotactic drainage of a neuroepithelial cyst in her basal ganglia but recurred within a year. The second case, a 56-year-old female, presented with diplopia, nystagmus, gait imbalance and hemiparesis. Her symptoms improved after stereotactic drainage of a midbrain neuroepithelial cyst. The cyst reaccumulated over the next few years and she became symptomatic with left arm tremor and facial weakness. Aspiration was again performed with symptomatic improvement for nine months. Her tremor recurred and a cyst access device was placed stereotactically. She improved and has remained stable for over a year.

Simple stereotactic drainage of neuroepithelial cysts has a high recurrence rate. The authors recommend considering placement of a drainage device to facilitate aspiration of the cyst fluid during follow-up, if needed."
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Thankyou so much I really appreciate your advice..
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