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could an anerysm exist and rupture and someone not even know?
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WELCOME TO ANEURYSM THE COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Brain Aneurysms which is a weak or thin spot on a blood vessel in the brain that balloons out and fills with blood. The bulging aneurysm can put pressure on a nerve or surrounding brain tissue. It may also leak or rupture, spilling blood into the surrounding tissue (called a hemorrhage). Some cerebral aneurysms, particularly those that are very small, do not bleed or cause other problems. Cerebral aneurysms can occur anywhere in the brain, but most are located along a loop of arteries that run between the underside of the brain and the base of the skull.

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could an anerysm exist and rupture and someone not even know?

My paternal grandfather and maternal aunt both died from ruptured cerebral aneurysm.  I have occasional migraines, and in November, during an "intimate" moment, I had a sudden, dizzying, severe headache that subsided somewhat in about an hour, but lingered at a mild to moderate level for a few days.  Never had any other stroke-like symptoms, no tingling, numbness, loss of motor skills, etc...

This last week, I've had some hand/foot tingling, muscle tighness and a few muscle twitches that seem to pop up in any of my 4 limbs randomly - not enough to stop my daily life and it actually resembles Benign Fascicilation Syndrome the closest.  Have no reduction in strength, no balance issues, no other problems...but...

How likely would it be that perhaps I had an unknown annie that ruptured and the aftereffect is causing the tingling and cramps?  Just thought I'd ask!
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Avatar m tn
When and how aneurysm develop dosen't seem to be well understood.  A Neurologist would know better.  My wife suffered a burst aneurysm in a brain artery, she survived (you may want to read my post in this forum titled "Cutting it close..."  This I can tell you.  Her Grandmother suffered a stroke, she also had two Aunts die of strokes.  What type we can't know but family stories indicated hemmorage type strokes.  

As for how aneurysms develop, medical advisors claim that you are born with it.  But I believe that the aneurysm develops over time because of many factors like blood pressure, straining, etc.  All of these I believe affect the weakened blood vessel and progressively develops into the "bubble."  In my wife's case, she had throbbing headaches at about age 23-24 and then subsided.  CT scans with contrast demonstrated no evidence, but as I believe, the aneurysm was in the very early growth and stretching stage.  Ten years later it burst.  It's all conjucture at this point but you may want to consider having your symptoms evaluated.  

Saving a soul is what drives me to respond to these posts and its also theraputic.  I also do know the consequences of having a burst vessel.  Believe me, you (or rather your family and loved ones) don't want to go down that road.
1032715 tn?1315987834
I had an aneurysm that burst in 2000,when tests were done to pinpoint where the aneurysm was they found scarring from an old bleed in another area that I knew nothing about,I did remember suffering what I thought was a really bad migraine 5 years earlier,they assume this was the bleed.

1032715 tn?1315987834
P.S I did have a craniotomy in 2000 to stop the bleed and clip the aneurysm.

1086746 tn?1288627989
I was told I was born with my aneurysms,

but then I reminded the neros that I was in a bad car accident in 94 and had a brain concussion.

The discussion was dropped, now I don't know what they think.

I have had aneurysms off and on in the small veins of my brain.

Since !0-09 I have  DX with CVMs and MS. (still testing) at Duke

I am confused, these two issues have a lot of the same symptoms  from what I have been reading when I'm able to see.

I was told I could wait this out because the blood did not pool. The Neros/Docs felt I had a good chance it might dissipate over time.

I was told there was an 80% chance of totally losing my left side with surgery.

I was shown the clips and how the surgery would work.

I opted to wait to see if things would heal on it's own. or possible radiation etc.

I was told I can come home, If I hold still reclined. I can't lay down flat. don't cry, laugh too hard, no stress etc etc.

At the time I giggled a little and said sure doc!
I was so glad to be home!

I have been stuck on a recliner for 9 months now waiting.

What I'm concerned about is, docs seem to be concentrating on just MS.

I've been through multiple tests, some repeated three times. they have all come back normal, at least the ones I have answers for.

My BP has been a little low all my life. Nothing to worry about. But, during the tests for MS, it has dropped to cardiac arrest level and tests had to be stopped until it came back up.

I wonder why it's ok to give me such harsh tests, but I need to be still here at home?

I usually feel bad enough I don't mind...( I was fit and active before this happened)
My concern is, Is it possible I'm having more bleeds when my BP drops like that?
I suffer so much from those tests. I can't help but wonder if I should go to a different hospital. Maybe the focus is too much on MS?

I am so sorry about rambeling and messed up backward writing... I'm pretty much alone in this, I need someone to bounce some of their thought back at me.
Thanks frustrated NiCee

I lost mobility within two weeks after my first bleed. I have worked and worked to walk. I am now able to walk/ shuffle short distances in my home with aid of a walker and knee brace on left knee to support it.

My symptoms aren't getting better. My meds help with the pain now
But I wonder if I will get better, or steadily get worse.

I'm a positive person normally, but I feel whipped right now
just need someone to guide me a little.

In the mean time the Docs said they feel I also have MS.

Avatar dr f tn
Hi there. The tingling and numbness look to be related to the migraine headaches that you have. You should consult your neurologist immediately for a recent MRI which will show if there s a ruptured or unruptured aneurysm. Either ways this is a medical and surgical  emergency.  He will prescribe you drugs that prevent the migraines even before their onset. Immediate hospital care is required. Take care.
Avatar m tn
I just read your note above.  I wasn't aware that the forum was moved to it own speciality - this is good.  

I am sorry to hear about your plight.  There is a new method of clipping aneruysms.  The point of entry is just below the eyebrow, it is called the Orbitopterional Approach.  It is suppose to be safer.  I hope this will help you.

God Bless and be Well!
4667361 tn?1357760811
I had the Orbitopterional Approach for my clipping in 2011.  My scar is indiscernable.
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