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is it my carotid artery ???
after many tests i.e. endoscopy, colonoscopy, brain scan & lumbar puncture my symptoms are worse & after i asked for them to scan my neck / throat area they said there was no need however there is a large fleshy swelling in the same spot as my carotid artery on the left side of my adamas apple and nothing on the other, this swelling type lump throbs and pulsates but my headaches are constant and can last for days yet they say its nothing serious im wondering if this swelling the size of a large tonsil could be my carotid artery and if so why would it swell it makes me feel nauseous and my throat feels like im being strangled i know the carotid artery has a pulse but this is fast and strong particularly where this swlling lump is my headaches are horrendous and the GP's dont seem too concerned im just worried its my artery so any ideas would be grateful, my blood preassure is normal and my main obs are too its worrying me that they are missing something as im wiped out and i get mouth ulcers sore throats headaches all the time now ????
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