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Husband In Terrible Pain and Seems to be" Deteriorating
I'm sorry but deteriorating is the only word Ifeel adequate to describe the issues my husband has been facing. 55 year old, Crohns Disease since Adult with 4 re-sections, Stents in heart from heart attack and 2007 diagnosed with Emphesymea.  2 Years ago severe exhaustion/disconnect set in. Sleeps constant yet always tired. 6 months ago I noticed left eye looked sagging/not normal took to ER Nothing came up on Catscan but Refused to stay in hispital as strongly reccomended. 3 months after a severe Nosebleed had him back to hospital but blood work normal/  My husband Vomits upon waking every morning. And has had severe head aches, Tingeling sensations in face, back of head, Now a lump on right side of neck that he claims comes from back of head/neck area has that area swollen around clavical also. Dr sent for catscans of head.lung chest. Lung shows new nodules, thickening trachea and thoracic shows a partialy visable poss meningioma in sphenoid process? Brain also sugg poss meningioma . Liver Enzymes high. Neurologist who seemed not at all concerned sent us out for MRI'S W/W/O Contrast.  Through all of this he is in agony and BP at Dr was 200/113! She increased BP Meds. Tylenol advised. Neurologist suggested after not reading previous catscans. He can have disc bulge and only after looking at Swollen neck did he seem a little concerned! OK He is the Dr I get it. I should have went to med school instead of Journalism but I just feel in knowing him and watching this that something is very wrong.! Behavior out of charachter also. MRI In brain w/w/o cont shows Meningioma like tumor shenoid. further testing for poss eye issues? White Matter Disease in both areas of brain. and now I am reading MRI Neck w/w/o cont that state Findings "see full report

Clinical Indication:
Rule out right C5-6 nerve root compression.
Cervical spine MRI was obtained on a 1.5 Tesla High Field Wide Bore Espree MRI with
multiple multiplanar pulse sequences acquired prior to and following the intravenous
administration of 7 cc of Gadavist.
There is straightening of the normal cervical lordosis.
There is disc desiccation throughout the cervical spine.
At the C2-3 level, there is disc bulging and posterior osteophytes. There is minimal left
neural foraminal stenosis.
At the C3-4 level, there are anterior and posterior osteophytes and a right parasagittal and
foraminal disc herniation which compresses the right aspect of the spinal cord and results in
narrowing of the right neural foramen and mass effect upon the exiting right C4 nerve root.
At the C4-5 level, there is mild disc bulging. Bilateral facet degenerative changes are
present. There is mild bilateral uncovertebral joint hypertrophy. There is moderate right
and mild left neural foraminal stenosis.
At the C5-6 level, there are anterior and posterior osteophytes, disc space narrowing and
circumferential disc bulging. There is spinal cord compression due to prominent osteophytic
ridging. There is severe bilateral neural foraminal stenosis with mass effect upon the exiting
C6 nerve roots bilaterally. Bilateral facet and ligamentous hypertrophic degenerative
changes are present.
At the C6-7 level, there are posterior osteophytes and circumferential disc bulging. There is
mild right and moderate left neural foraminal stenosis.
At the C7-T1 level, there is very slight disc bulging.
The marrow signal is normal. No intrinsic spinal cord abnormality is identified.
C3-4 right parasagittal and foraminal disc herniation abuts the spinal cord and results in
compression of the exiting right C4 nerve root.
Severe central canal and severe bilateral neural foraminal stenosis at C5-6 with spinal cord
compression and mass effect upon the exiting C6 nerve roots bilaterally.
Interpreting Radiologist
If any one can try to put a name to whatecver we are dealing with here. Any help at all. waiting for Drs to get back to me. I looked up the report myself. (Journalist skills come in handy at times/)
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You are saying his brain MRI shows a possible menigioma (which is a benign lesion, hence why the docs may not be concerned but as we know the here benign does not always mean without effect) but the report you posted is all about his spine.

I am only a layman but his spine looks like a mess. He has a bit of stenosis and that would hurt a lot.

Can you get a copy of the brain MRI? It all depends on location on whether or not eyes are effected. It can be small and eyes can be effected. Has your husband seen an eye doc (an MD) and a neuro-optho would even be better.

White matter issues can be anything from high blood pressure to MS and more so it can range from benign to severe so the doc has to really figure that out and not just ignore it with a case where the cause is not clear and your husband has a lot of symptoms. It can be just headaches etc so you have to get a determination on if it is an indication of something that needs treatment.

It is good you are getting copies.
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