Nose Tumor
by Lisa12332, Mar 03, 2009
I have a benign follicular tumor in my nose.  I have had a weird pressure in my nose but no sinus drainage at all and I have not been sick yet this year.  It was always a little sensitive with pressure where the tumor is but now it feels like some numbness has spread from my nose surrounding my left eye and it has affected my vision.  I can still see words so it is more like a pressure behind my eye.  I am waiting for my Dr. to call back but until then if you can give me any advice I would appreciate it.

Thank you so much :)
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by rumpledBlank, Mar 04, 2009
In your nose or in your sinus? It could be pressing on one of the facial nerves.
Let us know when you have more details.
by Lisa12332, Mar 05, 2009
It is in my nose.  Im still confused as to how it can fit where it is located.  I will try my best to explain it.... It is at the very tip top of my nose.. maybe where the bone ends and before the "button nose" begins.  I hope that make sense.  I noticed something not right when it started to indent and change color a little bit, which seems strange for a tumor.
Thank you so much :)
by rumpledBlank, Mar 05, 2009
So at the end of the bone, where the cartilage begins?  Wow. I have not ever heard of that. Does it interfere with your breathing?

I would still think that since it is effecting your eye, it must be moving up and pressing facial nerves.
by Lisa12332, Mar 13, 2009
It is confusing.  I have never heard of it either.  The weirdest part is it has indented my nose instead of pushing out like you would think. I have had a little difficulty breathing but not enough to really complain or maybe I got used to it.  It has gotten bigger so I am hoping it is not in my cartilage.  At least the indent has spread up higher on my nose.  It is the most bizzar thing.  
I now have the surgeon working with my insurance since I will have to also have plastic surgery.
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.  I really apreciate it :)
by rumpledBlank, Mar 14, 2009
I am so happy that you are gong to have surgery!
I would *guess* that the tumor is pulling down so it must be also in your cheek as well?
Let us know how it goes and make sure you get a copy of the pathology.
by Lisa12332, Mar 16, 2009
Thank you so much :)  I am happy to finally get rid of it.  I just got the name of the tumor -Trical Epethelioma.  I am not able to find too much on the internet about.  I was also curious about it being in my cheek.  I wish the Dr. would do a scan before the surgery.  
Thank you and I will let you know how it goes :)