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Prolactinoma and loss of smell?
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Prolactinoma and loss of smell?

After having some recent bloodwork done my doctor called to tell me that 1 of the abnormal test results was an elevated prolactin level, which may be due to stress, but that she was sending me to an endocrinologist as I may have a tumor on my pituitary gland.

I'm 24, and have never had a normal course of periods, often skipping months at a times, which my doctor has always blamed on one thing or another; playing sports, going to the gym; stress. In my second year of college they performed a sonogram loooking for cysts to check for PCOS, but nothing was found.

I have mentioned to my doctor since i was in high school that i have a problem with smelling. I often cannot smell things other people do, or if the smell is very strong i can only smell it faintly.

In researching prolactinomas, loss of smell is often a sign of a larger tumor.

If anybody has been in a simular situation I would be glad to hear of the outcome. The earliest appointment my doctor could find for me to see and endocrinologist is a month away. I have tried unsuccessfully to find one to see me sooner but they all are booked out even later than this.
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Hi there-
Sorry that you find yourself here. It sound like you might have a pituitary issue, what though, I don't know.

I have a loss of smell from endoscopic surgery to my skull base surgery to the area above the sinusus over the olfactory center. The surgeon patched over an area that is involved in the sense of smell to patch a small csf leak.

Hormonal problems are certainly very common with pituitary patients. But I don't know about the big size =loss of smell part. Finding out that you have a pituitary adenoma might actually help you to get the proper hormones finally!

Are you going to a good pituitary center for treatment? I would recommend that once you know what you are up against. Esp since your doctors missed something that should have been petty obvious given your symptoms.

Try to keep everything, get copies of MRIs and lab work.

Do you have any lab work yet?

The outcome will depend on what you have going on combined with the skill of the surgeon. Many of us do end up on hormones for life. But that's usually the worst of it.


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