What is the difference in Lesion, mass, tumor???
by LymeLight, Jul 27, 2008
For about 4 months or more When I wake in the morning my head feels odd. Mostly on the left top half down the back of head and over to left ear. It's a full feeling, tingly and often pain. I guess you might call it a head ache. I also began having ringing in the ears in Dec of 07 that never ceased. I often have a stiff neck and require rx, flexaril that I normally will take before I go to bed. Its when I wake in the morning that I have the odd pain that last for a few hours and seems to go away. I was diagnosed in Nov 07 as having Lyme disease (unrelated to these symptoms) and did iv treatments and while being diagnosed had numerous MRI's of the brain at which time it was mentioned that I had lesions. 2 were located in the frontal lobe and triangular in shape. The 3rd is noted, new small oval lesion on the pons. At the time I was told I had cerebral demyelination in regards to the 'lesions' as seen in MS, Ischemic disease, small vessel disease, etc. --Take your pic-- The end result was that I was diagnosed thru several postive blood test and treated for lyme disease (although I know that my brain has some situation going on due to these findings). I am 41 years old and am concerned about my future.  

My question to anyone that has an answer- What is the relation of lesion/mass/tumor which I seem to hear/read in text interchangeably by doctors within the same paragraph sometimes?  And is there a remote possibility that the new small oval lesion on my pons is actually a 'cancer of some sort'. .....lesion? mass/tumor.

Insight? please..
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