by vinit, Feb 05, 2009
Hi I am 24 years old, recently i underwent a MRI scan of the brain. It showed i had encephalomalacic areas in right caudate and internal capsule. Is this critical and what is the treatment available for this.
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by rumpledBlank, Feb 05, 2009
That means softening of the brain.
I think it would depend on the cause and the severity that would determine both if it was critical and the treatments.
by vinit, Feb 06, 2009
Hi Rumpled thanks for the reply....when i was 16 i was suffering from high fever for continous 6 months. The doctor said its because of that and also he said as i have started working in a company from last 6 months, i have been under some stress and thus i have started to feel symptoms of encephalomalacic.
by rumpledBlank, Feb 08, 2009
I hope you are able to continue working. Stress is sometimes an awful thing when you are starting out (and later, too).
by vinit, Feb 09, 2009
But can i get over it and be normal again??
by rumpledBlank, Feb 09, 2009
That is for your doctor to say! Diagnosing over the internet with minimal info is not a good idea - especially since we are not doctors... but I hope you do get better.
by vinit, Feb 10, 2009
Thanks a lot for the reply
by Mattlk13, Sep 08, 2012
Stress can cause an inflammatory response on our body and our immune system.  When encephalomalacic areas are found in an MRI the main concern is encephalitis and brain hemmohrage.  You should be fine give your body time to adjust as this is a new stressor on you and with time the inflammation should go down and you should be just fine.  If the doctor is not concerned about the 2 items I mentioned being the cause of the encephalomalacic then there is no cause for alarm.