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Black Spot in Brian, Surgery success rate ?
My friend told me about this guy who Collapsed in Uni and Brain Scan (assume MRI) showed Black spot, we assume it Tumor (Cancer), the question is what would be the procedure for this, would he not have to have operation immediately ?  or will he have to have it at all ? what are the survival rate of the operation if he will have to have it, and what is life expectancy in case of successful operation ?

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Dear Friend,
There are too many questions asked for which answer is simple and same.
Would need to know more details about the tumor.
For Eg - Where was the tumor / what was the shape of it / what was the size of it / was it a benign or malignant tumer / during the tumor removal what other neural structures were removed / etc,etc.
Based on these in formations, life expectancy and success of the operation would depend.

I hope it clarifies the query.
Feel free to discuss further.
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