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Temporal Lobe Tumour

My father(57) was diagnosed with a temporal lobe tumour yesterday(size of tangerine).
We are seeing a neuro surgeon today for treatment options.

Initial thoughts that were that it wasnt a grade 1 tumour and that it may not be operable because of location.

Could you advise me on your thoughts as to what treatments there are? is it better to have surgery and is it possible even if we have to find treatment in America? How successful is readiotherapy on its own?

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Dear Friend,
Tumor inside brains need to be dealt carefully. Reason......the involvement of the tumor, curves it's course of action.
If the tumor is growing rapidly, then surgery is the only option. However if the important neurological structures are present around the tumor, or are engorged around the tumor, then surgery becomes really difficult, as reaching to the tumor is really difficult. Hence the option should be purely left to the treating doctor's discretion. However, there is no harm in going for second opinion.
Treatment in america is surely possible. Better go to Mayo CLinic for super expert opinion also.
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