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CT scan
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CT scan

Hi, I am a 37 years old married female, diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2010. I did 4 rounds of chemo, surgey, another 4 rounds plus radiation which was 28 sessions and 7 boost. My CT without contrast at time of radiation treatment which was Jan 2011, showed an area of attenuation in the liver which might be cyst, hymengioma, or mets. The lung showed a linear scar. Talking to my medical oncologist, he said those are normal stuff that show up on any CT, and he is not concerned.
I have been doing my every three month follow up, which is clinical examination and blood work including CA27.29 which was always dropping than previous and in normal ranges. My M.Onco says he will use this plus medical assessment to evaluate my health. The radiation onco doctor who treated me with Radiation was insisting that I do pet/ct scan cos she suspects something is going on the liver. Ever since that CT, and upon quarterly check-ups my LFT, blood work, and clinical exam. was good.
I came now for my regular check-up, and my all blood works came normal. I then had a cold, and had some tightness in y chest. my med. onco said not of concern, but my rad rushed me to CT without contracts as I have allergies to contrast dies.
The report said I have linear densities in the right lung where I had my mastectomy and radiation. It said a .5cm nodular density was seen but might be related to radiation effect.
It also saw two low attenuation foci in the liver which they say might be mets.
I had a long conversation with my Dr. whom I trust and he believes this is a normal report and they did not come up with anything serious. He told me to come in my next check-up and do another CT to see if any developments happen.
My rad doc. said no she beleives I should do this, and there is suspicion..etc
I am confused and need help, and advise from all those who have been there before:
Whom do I follow and listen to my med, onco or rad onco.
What does that report mean, is it fine and gives me a peace of mind to sleep as my doc said?
If it was something wouldn't it show on my blood work, or symptoms develop
If I had liver mets since that time in Jan 2011, wouldn't it develop in a year time till today with symptoms and elevated blood work?
The rad onco said she is not sure about the nodular density in the lung coz it is too small, and she really doasn't beliefe it is from rads effect. she simply does not know..but she said in my previouse CT i had something similar which this CT did not see. So she says it might go away just like the other one...
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I'm so sorry that you're upset and with good reason. The thought that there may be METS is enough to send pure fear racing through you.

Because you're getting conflicting information, my recommendation to you is to take ALL of your scans to another doctor for another opinion. And this is something I absolutely would do! Especially when one doctor is stomping their foot saying do this, do this. What does your gut tell you to do?

If it were me? I'd have the PET scan. Sooner rather than later, and all that. I'm scheduled for a yearly PET and six months later a yearly MRI as part of my follow up. It's my choice to do them, or not.

Best wishes.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. If the shadows seen in the liver and lungs were metastasis, then they should show progressive increase in size with time. Also, the tumor marker levels should be increasing. With these two criteria it is possible to say if they are secondaries or not. Additional evidence would be changes in the liver function tests and changes in lung function tests. Finally, if there is suspicion then confirmatory diagnosis is a biopsy. Discuss these options with your consulting doctor.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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