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                   I've recently undergone an upper abdomen ultrasound. Based on the result,there are multiple hypoechoic masses scattered in both hepatic lobes of my liver measuring  8.0 x 5.0cm the largest on the left medial segment, and noted  that it is suggestive for a neoplastic process.
                  What is NEOPLASTIC  PROCESS?
                  Do these hypoechoic masses in my liver can take my life into risk?
                  Can these be gone through radiation therapy?

                   How many cycles/sessions do I need in a complete radiation therapy?
                   Ifever I cannot complete the whole cycles needed, Is it useless or non-effective for me all those sessions/cycles I've undergone?
                   What laboratory test do I need prior to radiation therapy?

                   What kind of test do a cancer patient should undergo,so that we may know if the cancer is still positive or negative? or shall we say a CANCER SURVIVOR..?

        I'll be looking forward to an answers.

        Thank you so much.

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I am sorry you are having these problems, but I really can't tell you much, because you didn't tell us much.

Several factors which might be relevant: Are you a breast cancer survivor, or under active treatment for breast cancer? Was the scan done because you were experiencing symptoms, or as part of routine  follow-up? What has your doctor told you about the results that were found? Are additional tests, such as a biopsy, planned?  

Moreover, questions in this forum are answered by volunteers not generally identified as health professionals,  Theresfore, the best source for information and answers for all of your questions would be your doctor(s), who have all the details of your medical hx, prior tx, current health status, and recent test results. If cancer is identified, only they can formulate your treatment plan and would know any associated tests needed.

"Neoplastic process," by the way, means new, abnormal tissue formation.

Best wishes...
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