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Breast Bruise
I slipped on the ice 1-1/2 weeks ago...hit left breast on snow blower handle.  Entire left breast is black/blue/red/yellow with a knot in the same place where tissue was removed via lumpectamy in 2008.  Lots of pain when I breath in quickly, sneeze, laugh.  Should I be concerned that this could be more than just a deep tissue bruise?
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Ouch! that must have been painful!
Most likely the injury to your breast has caused the bruising and the lump and this could very well be a Hematoma.(swelling filled with blood)
A bruise caused by injury is often associated with a lump and it can take some time to disappear.The pain you feel while breathing quickly,sneezing etc.. could also be due to a pulled muscle.
However,if you are concerned and this lump persist, more than a week or two,I would advise you to have it checked out by your doctor.
Small hematomas will dissolve within a few days and don’t require any intervention,but larger hematomas might require incision and drainage especially to avert infections.
Take care..
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