Bump on Outside of Breast
by SRELM, Mar 19, 2005
Hello and thank you for taking my question.  About a month ago I developed a small bump on the outside, underneath section of my left breast.  At first I thought it was a pimple and tried to pop it, it dimpled and I couldn't drain anything from it.  Over the past month it is still there and looks almost like a small, raised blood blister.  If I try and squeeze it now a small amount of blood comes out?  I'm 34 and about six months ago I had a mammogram and ultrasound of my breasts due to discharge and all was fine.  I have no family history of breast cancer and go for my yearly exams.  This almost looks likea small boil?  I recently began an intense workout program that does cause more sweating?  Any advice would help.
by CCF-RN,MSN-rf, Mar 22, 2005
Dear srelm:  Skin on the breast is like skin anywhere on the body and is subject to pimples and other skin abnormalities.  In most cases, these "bumps" will resolve on their own, in time.  If there is chronic manipulation of the "bump" (either by squeezing or friction from clothing), the healing process can be delayed.  It may be reasonable to give this "bump" a couple of weeks of uninterrupted healing time.  If during this
time, it gets larger or if it does not improve, see your doctor for evaluation.
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by surgeon, Mar 20, 2005
It does indeed sound more like a skin issue than a breast issue: an infected oil gland (sebaceous cyst), sweat gland (hidradenitis), etc. Since it's been there awhile, the best advice is to have it looked at; it's impossible to diagnose or make safe suggestions without being able to see it. If it's one of the above and hasn't gone away on its own, it may need antibiotics or a minor surgical procedure.
by J19, May 07, 2005

   I have had the exact same experience.  I could not have desribed it better myself.  The location and appearance have been the same. I was wondering if it was a blood blister or boil. I have not gotten it checked but it has been really concerning me.  It has been there for a couple of weekes or more. I have noticed that sometimes my bra will slip and the underwire will actually be on the area of this "lump". Is this just a possible point of friction or pressure?  Is it takeing so long to heal because we obviously have to wear bra's everyday?  How long should you wait to have something like this checked?  The lump is very superficial, are breast cancer lumps usually deep?