Crusty nipple
by lilydaisy, Apr 21, 2010
I really need help in this matter. See, im 23,never been pregnant, and i've noticed my nipples have crust on the tip of them. Some of it is yellow and and some are a bit of black. I can simply peel of those hard ones and there will be a little opening there but after few days it will come back again. However i never have any discharge/itchiness/irritation/dryness. Is this normal? Should i worry about this? I have it for so many years. Sorry for giving too much information but im kinda worried. Im new here and i tried searching for the same topic in previous post but its difficult to find because there are like thousands of them. Please help me. Thanks.
by Cleveland ClinicBlank, Apr 21, 2010
Dear lilydaisy:  Is it possible that this is dried nipple discharge?  Many women have some type of nipple discharge or fluid when their breasts are squeezed, and its normal. Squeezing the nipple sends message to the brain and the pituitary gland responds by increasing prolactin levels, which in turn produces discharge from the nipple.  The discharge can come in a variety of colors - gray, green and brown as well as white.  Some women are more prone to more discharge including women on; birth control pills, certain blood pressure medications or on major tranquilizers.  These medications increase prolactin levels in the body.   There is also certain life periods when a person is more likely to get discharge than others: there may be more discharge at puberty and at menopause than the years in-between.

The time to worry about nipple discharge is when it’s spontaneous (comes out by itself without squeezing), keeps on happening, and is only on one side.  If it is clear and sticky, like an egg white, or bloody.  If this is the case you would bring it to the attention of your doctor who could evaluate.  

Of course, we cannot speculate on what this might be without evaluation.  It is probably a good idea to have it evaluated by your doctor.
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