Fluid Discharge From Breasts. Please Advise
by Karishma, Sep 11, 2004
I am 21years old and have safe sex with my boyfriend on a regular basis using condoms. Recently drops of milk i.e a thin white liquid has been coming out of my nipples when my breasts are squeezed.This recently changed into a squirt.The squirting is not frequent but the drops of white liquid coming out of the nipple has become frequent when my breasts are squeezed.This fluid discharge started 2days after my last period.Is this normal?? could i be pregnant?? please advise me I am starting to worry.I am not under any kind of medication neither am I using Birth Control pills of any kind.
by CCF-RN,MSN-rf, Sep 14, 2004
Dear Karishma:  Many women have some type of nipple discharge or fluid when their breasts are squeezed, and its normal. Squeezing the nipple sends message to the brain and the pituitary gland responds by increasing prolactin levels, which in turn produces discharge from the nipple. The discharge can come in a variety of colors
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by surgeon, Sep 12, 2004
milky discharge is fairly common. When it's from both sides and mainly with squeezing it's not of concern in terms of breast disease. Pregnancy is a possibility, although it certainly can be seen without it.
by Becky93073, Sep 19, 2004
Ok, not sure how to really start this so I guess from beginning. Back in Febuary I had 6 pregnancy test say positive. Toward the end of March I started bleeding so I figured the test was wrong. I have had a period every since some heavier then normal while others lighter then normal. I check my breast every week like normal for anything not normal. Well about 2 weeks ago some clear sticky fluid came out when I squeezed on the nipple. It had not color and was sticking. Well then last night I went to check them again and it had white fluid not as thin as the clear fluid more of a milk color fluid that came out. More came out of right breast then out of left breast. I have never had that before prior to 2 weeks ago and I have squeezed many of times to check for anything abnormal. What do you think could be causing this. I began to think maybe the test was correct and even tho I began bleeding maybe i could still be but by this time I would probably have felt movement of a baby and I havent. So, I am not sure what it could be or what to think. Could you please give me some advise and what you think. Thank you.

by ritu9221, Nov 08, 2004
1)   My wife has eversince ben suffering from this white fluid discharge for last 6 yrs , she is 21 yrs now , we are married for a year or a so......But this keeps on comimg,
2)   before sex , her vagina will be fully wet even before we start the foreplay , that fluid is also there , she is thin in apperance and is very surely anaematic also.
3)   The diet is the best but the body does not respond in accordance , she looks underweight
We enjoy an intense sexual relation but I come a bit early.......
Tell me the possible reasons and remedies , I supose this will not be a riight time to conceive a child?
by jandale, Aug 06, 2007
Help aNyone  i recently  was fulling around and i notice there was some discharge from my left breast later on it started coming out of the right as i squeezed it last time i had sex was a week ago after my period or so and im should have it this week but not yet i have this discharge white waterish coming from the mipple does that mean im pregnant? HELP im young and im scred!
by Alisabel, Oct 19, 2008
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by sexylips, Nov 24, 2009
I have my period now and I has unprotected sex a day before my period and last month the same day my period was that I have my period I have a clear liquid coming out of my breasts could I be the way I did a hpt with my period and it came out negative