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Incomplete Mammogram
I'm 50 years old and never have had a abnormal result.  Had a call today that I had a incomplete exam of my right breast.  Want to do a spot compression on an area that is 1.2 cm.  I am scared.  Going back tomorrow for appointment.
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This happens quite often, and doesn't necessarily mean there is an abnormality, just that something in the images was unclear,so the radiologist needs additional  views before making an interpretation. This is referred to as a BI-RADS 0, incomplete.

It may be somthing as simple as a piece of tissue that got folded over on itself when the breast was postitioned.

I've had three such "call-backs" myself, and each time the eventual outcome was a BI-RADS 1, normal mammogram.

I'm glad you're going back tommorow, so you won't have a long wait. (Last time it was 16 days before I got  the "all clear.")

Please let us know how things turn out, by adding a comment to this same thread.

Good luck!
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