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Is it safe to go off Arimidex for a month
Before I incur anymore medical bills, I would like to know if it is safe to go off Arimidex for a month to find out if it is causing my horrific leg pain?     Thank you

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With Arimidex,I also had a lot of pain in my back,my legs and muscles. I talked to my Breast Specialist and she advised me to stop taking it for 2 months to see if the pain would lessen.It did! I felt so much better and the pain had almost disappeared.
Of course, I had to continue the treatment and now I am taking Femara which is nearly the same drug as Arimidex,but I find that the pain is much more tolerable.
Please never stop any medication before talking to your Oncologist or Surgeon first. Together you can decide if you could stop the drug for a while and see if another similar drug would be better for you.
Best wishes...
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