LARGE Bruise on right breast
by jenlyn911, Dec 07, 2008
Hi, I am new and have a ?
I took a shower this afternoon and when I took my shirt off I noticed a LARGE black bruise on my breast. I have not done anything physical or had any other Trama to that area. I should also add that I do not bruise easily.

Its about the size of a baseball and like I said is VERY Black. When I first saw it I thought I had a pen leak all over and it got on my chest. but its not that and its starting to worry me.

I have not changed medications or added anything new to my daily routine to cause this and my Husband and I have not had intercourse during the last week so I know it could not have been caused by that.

Any advice would be helpful.
by Cleveland ClinicBlank, Dec 08, 2008
Dear jenlyn911:  From what you describe, it sounds like you have a hematoma (or a bruise).  A bruise is simply a broken blood vessel that bleeds into the skin.  While we may remember an obvious trauma, it is possible that you may have hit the area just right and broken a vessel without remembering it.  These things can take a long time to heal.  If you are worried, you can have your doctor take a look to make sure there is no other possible explanation.  
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