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Leaking fluid from my left nipple and chest pain
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Leaking fluid from my left nipple and chest pain

Hi there. I am a 32 year old female, mother of 3 children. My youngest being 5. I am a smoker and I drink too much coffee. However, I do eat well and am in the perfect weight range. For a few months now my left nipple has a clear discharge. Only the left. Sometimes it leaks on its own (small amounts, not squirting) and as well if pressure is put on the nipple, the discharge will appear. I have been having chest pain on my left side to which the doctor ordered a chest Xray but found nothing. Now I am wondering if it has to do with this leakage. As well, my periods have been abnormally heavy. To the point I have to wear depends instead of sanitary pads. Should this be of concern? My Doctor is over 2 hours away and I don't know if this is something I can put off, or should get looked at right away.

Thank You
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Dear toastedmarshmallow75:  Many women have some type of nipple
discharge or fluid when their breasts are squeezed, and its normal.
Squeezing the nipple sends message to the brain and the pituitary gland
responds by increasing prolactin levels, which in turn produces discharge from
the nipple. The discharge can come in a variety of colors - gray, green
and brown as well as white. Some women are more prone to more discharge
including women on; birth control pills, certain blood pressure
medications or on major tranquilizers. These medications increase prolactin
levels in the body. There is also certain life periods when a person is
more likely to get discharge than others: there may be more discharge at
puberty and at menopause than the years in-between. The time to worry
about nipple discharge is when it
I should add I am not on the birth control pill but am not pregnant either. I am single and have not been intimate with anyone for a long time. I did have an aunt who died in her early 40's from Breast Cancer. Upon a self exam, I cannot feel any lumps but do periodically get that "let down" feeling in my breast that you experience after having a child and breastfeeding!
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