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Lump under arm and stabbing pains in breast
I'm 26 years ols and a couple of days ago, I noticed a swelling under my arm, at the back of my armpit. It's neither hard nor soft, and just feels like normal tissue in that area, only with the swelling. It's not getting better or worse and it doesn't hurt.
Today I have started experiencing stabbing pains in my breast, behind the nipple. This relates to the breast on the same side as the lump.

What could this be?
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The swelling in your axilla area could be many things, including infection and it should be evaluated.
Also the pain behind your nipple could be caused by benign conditions such as  hormonal fluctuation,infection,cysts,Fibroadenomas etc.but it's really difficult to reassure over the internet,about what's going on, without a medical examination.
Cancerous tumors are rarely associated with pain,but please pay a visit to your physician for a clinical breast exam.The Doctor may want to investigate this further by ordering some tests to find out if there is an underlying problem.  
Wishing you all the best...
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