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Mammography(Left Breast)
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Mammography(Left Breast)

Mammography Report:
The breast shows few dense soft tissue density lesions in the superior quadrant,lateral outer quadrant,lateral central quadrant, lateral inferior quadrant and medial quadrant.Sonomammography correlation reveals multiple hypoechoic lesions in the superior quadrant measures(10*6mm),lateral outer quadrant measures(16*7mm),lateral central quadrant measures (4*3mm),lateral inferior quadrant measures(12*6mm, 11*4mm and 6*4mm) and medial quadrant measures (4*3mm).
No architectural distortion or abnormal calcification noted.
Skin, subcutaneous tissue and nipple areola complex appear normal.
No evidence of micro calcification is seen.

We are taking the doctor's help.He suggested us to take medicine for 7 days and to do this mammography again.

Please suggest me if you see any symptom of breast cancer from this report

With Best Regards,
your patient
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There must have been something more at the end of the report .... it would be an opinion as to what these lesions represent. There should also have been a BIRADS score assigned and/or some recommendation as to follow-up investigation. I'm not sure what type of medication you were advised to take for 7 days. I would think possibly either cysts or Fibroadenomas; both of which are benign conditions.    Regards ....
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Thanks you very much for your response. Ya there is an opinion.
That is:
Ultrasound findings reveal few dense soft tissue density lesions in the superior quadrant,
lateral outer quadrant, Lateral central quadrant, Lateral inferior quadrant and medial quadrant- likely benign breast nodules,

Advised: Histopathological Correlation.

Medicine Prescribed are:CHYMORAL FORTE
                                   IBUPROFEN & ACETAMINOPHEN
Please tell me is there any sign of breast cancer.
I shall be very thankful to you.

Your Patient
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