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Mastitis or IBC
Hi, I had a lumpectomy 2 years ago for DCIS...went through radiation and now taking tamoxifin.  On Friday I had a diagnostic  mammogram and breast MRI.  The radiologist reviewed the Mammogran and said that there were no changes since my last one which was 7 mos. ago. She said everything looked normal. The day after the mammogram my breast which had the lumectomy became really red and inflamed.  The mammogram compression this time was a bit more compressed than the last few times after the lumpectomy.  I am going to call my breast surgeon tomorrow but in the mean time I am a nervous wreck thinking this could be inflammatory breast cancer.   Could this be just an inflamation?  Mastitis? The Internet at times scares me.  Has anyone had this happen to them?   Any input?  Thank you.
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