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Need re-exision without no margin but with clear margin benign phyllode...
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Need re-exision without no margin but with clear margin benign phyllodes tumor ?

I had a excision 10 days ago because of phyllodes tomor and it turned out as a benign. But I'm worried about recurrence because my surgeon didn't cut enough breast tissue.

The tumor size was 4x3.8x4.4cm and tumor was allocated over lower inside of right breast and under the nipple.

Following is the pathology report after surgery.
** Received in formalin and labeled right breat mass is a lump of breast tissue, measuring 4.2x3.8x3.4 cm and weighing 26gm.
A relatively well-defined mass (4x3.8x4.4cm) is present. The cut surface of the mass is creamy white and solid without hemorrhage or necrosis.
Representative sections are submitted in four cassetes.(photox1)
- DIAGNOSIS: phyllodes tumor, benign with clear resection margin. **

The surgury was performed as a excision and remained nipple.
For nipple side, there was no margin and for other side of tumor about few mm margin was secured.

I am 31 years old and I am planning to be pregant at least one more time.
According to the this forum, 2cm margine is recommended even though the tumor is benign, pregnacy can issue tumor recurrence and a benign phyllodes tumor can be malignat when it recurrs.

So I'm wonder whether I need to perform re-excution to prevent recurrence. Do I need to perform re-excision or not?
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Dear LucyCHOI, The following information regarding phyllodes tumor is directly from the textbook
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