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Nodular focus
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Nodular focus

Hello again
Sorry I miswrote my email I'm posting it again
Today I had my yearly mammo and ultrasound !
Every year the mammo comes back saying :no signs of breast cancer
Almost very year the ultrasound comes back saying that I have prominent  parenchymal tissue at 8:00 in the RIGHT breast.

This year the radiologist said that the ultrasound exam to be completely unchanged from before FOR BOTH BREASTS!

The left mammo view was normal
The RIGHT  mammo view revealed a small 5 mm nodular focus, but due to variation in positioning , he has suggested I return for a few additional views to confirm all is fine
Density is getting less very year !

To be honest, IM FREAKING OUT AND CAN'T STOP CRYING ! I'm soooooo scared! My mom had just finished her chemo treatment for breast cancer
My questions:
-What is  ths 5 mm  nodular focus in my right breast means?
-could it be cancerous?
-what does "due to variation in positioning " means?
Please help !!
Hello zouzi, in the past , you and some others Great people answered so many questions that i have posted! Your support helped a lot! I have posted yesterday another problem that is making me soo anxious , asking you some questions regarding my mammo and ultrasound this year , but I haven't received no answers so far !
Please read he letter above , kindly give me some answers to my questions
Thank you
Hi Leslie,
Sorry for not responding to your post earlier..I had some problems with my computer.:(

Please keep in mind that  most abnormalities found in the breast are not cancerous...When a mammogram shows a density/nodule,that needs further investigation,the next step is to do a spot compression mammogram or/and an Ultrasound which will further define the area of concern .
I am not sure, but I guess your radiologist has detected that this little nodule in your right breast has changed position and wants to make sure by having additional testing to confirm that all is okay.The majority of nodules are benign in nature...the most common are cysts and fibroadenomas and even intramammary lymph nodes which are not uncommon and means nothing unless it were noted to be abnormally enlarged.
Please don't worry before you have to.Being called back for additional tests is not at all unusual.This is done just to obtain better imaging .
I wish you well and hoping that all will turn out just fine for you..
Thank you so much  zouzi for your prompt answer!!!
I had an ultrasound done after mammogram , and it was totally unchanged from last year !!
But , what exactly the radiologist meant by "due to variation positioning ", he wants me to return for more images? Can u please explain to me what he meant by that? Did he mean that the nodular focus has changed
Position ? If so , how could this happen and why? Or he meant
That I was not positioned well while doing the mammo ?
Thank you again
You are welcome!
I am sorry Leslie.. I really don't know exactly what your radiologist meant by " variation positioning" . I guess it could be both of these things you mentioned.
Just go ahead with the additional testing and try not to dwell too much on what your radiologist meant.
As I mentioned before,your radiologist just wants to achieve better imaging and we cannot say for sure what's going on,until more investigation is done.
I am hopeful that nothing serious will be found especially because your Ultrasound test showed no changes have occurred regarding this little nodule.
Take care now...
I have been asked to repeat the ultrasound NOT aditional mammogram images
I also received the ultrasound report done yesterday it says:
Right breast:
2:00, 1 cm from nipple , smal nonspecific hypoechoic nodule measuring 5x4x2, previously 2mm
8:00, 3 cm from the nipple : solid hypoechoic lobule measuring 1 cm. this demonstrate long standing stability, dating back to previous examination from 2009. It probably represents a parenchymal lobule or fibroadenoma.

Left breast
2:00 , 1 cm from nipple : small 3 mm nonspecific hypoechoic nodule , unchanged .

No suspicious auxiliary lymphadenopathy in either side.
Stable findings. No suspicious abnormalities . Patient will be recalled for repeat targeted assessment of a right breast nodule on the mammogram
My questions: what does it mean nonspecific hypoechoic nodule means? Is it cancerous or precancerous? The one in the right breast has gone from 2 mm to 5x3x2 !!! How could they state stable findings if this one has grown bigger !!
I came to realize that the additional ultrasound is for the one at 8:00 in the right breast !
I need some reassurance please !! I'm really freaking out
Thank you or your time and effort to answer !
Hi again,
The "non specified hypoechoic nodules" found in both your breasts are not something you should be concerned about,because they seem to be little cysts (benign) that could very well change in size due to hormonal fluctuation.
The only nodule that your Radiologist wants to check again is the solid one,because he/she is not certain whether this represents a roundish breast tissue or a fibroadenoma.
From what I can gather,there are no suspicious abnormalities stated in your report..
Please try to stay calm..It is very common to have additional tests done,including biopsies if necessary.Radiologists just want to make sure about things they see on mammogram or ultrasound.This is good medical practice to obtain a correct diagnosis.
All the best...
Hello zouzi
Thank you so much for your time to answer ! You explained it verry well !!!
Tomrow I have my additional imaging ( mammo and US)
I will for sure keep you posted !
Thanks again
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