Painful Outer left breast lump
by bummer42, Dec 07, 2007
From 06/2006 thru 07/2007 I had 4 mammograms and all reports says that I have grouped microcalcifications on the L outer breast.  On 10/2007, I felt a lump on the outer side of my L breast and it has a constant throbbing pain that extend to my underam.  My doc. recommended chest x-ray then ultrasound which both found nothing. my doc & I feel the lump but is not seen on any of this exams.  MRI was recommended by my doc but on the day of the exam, the radiologist sent me home without doing the MRI, he said it wont do any good so he recommended to my primary physician that I see a breast specialist/gen surgeon. My appt. will be on next week. Did anybody out there have the same symptom as me?  You think this is cancer?
by Cleveland ClinicBlank, Dec 11, 2007
Dear bummer42, Over the internet without being able to evaluate the tests, and physical examination it is difficult to speculate on what this lump may be. All testing gives different pieces of information.  An MRI is often used to help to determine whether there is a mass present or not but would not tell what a mass is.  Since a lump can be felt, the MRI may not be necessary and seeing a breast specialist/surgeon first makes sense.    The specialist will be able to advise the appropriate next step in evaluation of this lump for you.

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by oz_lady, Dec 13, 2007
ALL  Did you know that CAT SCANS are equivalent to 400 chest xrays in Radiation.  


After feeling three lumps in my left breast last december 2006.  They did a mamogram on the breast and you could see the lumps quiet clear.  I then went on to have the biopsy which was via Ultra sound visual system by which you could see the lumps quiet clear again.  These lumps turned out to be grade 3 Cancer, which had infected two lympnodes.   I then had surgery after nuclear dye had been administered to keep the Doc on track when removing my breast and finding all the supposed infected areas. The surgeon took 15 lympnodes plus the sentinal gland in this operation along with the whole breast removal.