Painful cysts
by Duchess47, Feb 26, 2007
I have a history of 3 cysts in my left breast which have been untreated.  I have had mammograms and ultrasounds to keep an eye on them for any changes.  I am coming up on my 1 year mammogram, but have noticed that recently my breast area where the systs are located, is sore and my left arm and under my arm are very very painful.  My question is this:  can these cysts or something else related to the breast be cause for this type of pain?
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by cyn17, Mar 07, 2007
I have exactly the same issue with 4 cysts in one area of my right breast. I haven't had treatment for them as they are simple cysts, but just today I was thinking of asking to have them aspirated because they are achy and I can't lay on my right side at night without pain.

I don't think you have to worry that they are anything more than a cyst, but you may want to ask that they aspirate them. BTW, having a cyst apirated isn't fact I felt a relief in pressure after I had one drained from my left breast.
by Duchess47, Mar 10, 2007
Thank you for your input.  I am going for my regular mammo. in April.  I will speak to somone then about this.