Red bumps on the underside of breasts
by callie34, Mar 28, 2010
I get these bumps on the underside of my breasts & they look like zits. They get very big & very sore & very painful. I have to put bandaids on them so I can wear a bra. I have DD breasts & I asked my OBGYN about them & she said it's probably because I'm so large & I sweat there. They look like in grown hairs & I pop them or they pop on their own & sometimes the midlle is very black. When they do pop alot of blood comes out & sometimes white/yellowish stuff as well. Also when they do pop the hole is huge! I never find a hair in there. I also get them on my waistline. I was told by my OBGYN to check for diabetes through my primary care which I do every year & I'm not diabetic. Is this an infection? In grown hairs? I have so many scars from all these it's embarrasing. Most of the time I dont mess with them because I don't want scars but they are there anyways. When these form the middle is very squishy & soft but around it the redness can get very big. HELP!! I'm changing my primary care Dr right now & can not be seen by my new one until July. If anyone can give me any info on this please! I hope it's not something to be majorly concerned about.
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by japdipBlank, Mar 28, 2010
You ideas as to what these may be sounds very likely. I would try to keep the area as clean, dry and irritation free as possible and you might consider seeing a Dermatologist as this may be just some type of skin problem.  Regards .....
by katarina777, Mar 28, 2010
What you are saying sounds very distressing, and my older son has somewhat of a similar problem.

This is what I would do. Try to find cotton bras, like the type of sports bras. Sometimes, when you tie the back straps, it helps take even more weight of breasts.

Make sure your skin is very, very dry after you shower and then apply under your breasts a 'zinc oxide powder' which will help keep the area dry and the zink oxide is so healing. You could even get a tube of xink oxide and apply the cream at night in that area under your breasts. (it's a little messy)

Then, with my son and also his father the major thing is nuts and chocolate, he breaks out immediately.

Try that and if this is not sufficient you may want to try an anti-fungal cream like Lotrimen sold over the counter.

Good luck, Kat