Right nipple pain
by stefanie162, Nov 17, 2013
For the past 2days now my nipple on my right breast has been extremely painful. It feels like the worst bruise you've ever had.  It's a bit swollen as well. My cycle was just here 2 weeks ago so I know it can't be that and I have been fixed as well so no way I can be pregnant either. I am 29yrs old so not menopausal either. Just extremely painful and sensitive only on my right side and only on the nipple not the breast too. Any idea as what this could be and should I be worried? Please help me ASAP ;( thanks!
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by zouzi, Nov 18, 2013
There can be several possibilities that could cause nipple pain.It could be skin irritation,infection or maybe a cyst that you may or may not feel under your nipple..Nipple pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer,,but I would advise you to see your doctor for a breast exam.Any abnormality that appears in your breasts should always be investigated by a medical professional who might recommend  medication or order a Mammogram or an Ultrasound if necessary.Over the internet it's impossible to know exactly what is causing your nipple pain and swelling,so please make an appointment with your doctor to settle this problem okay?.
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