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Soreness/Pain on Chest Wall - Armpit pain and discomfort - Pain between...
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Soreness/Pain on Chest Wall - Armpit pain and discomfort - Pain between bicep and tricep. Help!

Vitals:  31 year old MALE.  Relatively high blood pressure.  Relatively high cholestoral.  6' tall.  260 lbs.  Lots of muscle mass.  Generally healthy.  History of breast cancer with mother.  Exercise about twice a week.  Decent diet.
*2 months ago - Noticed painful raised spots on LEFT chest wall when palpated.  Not sure if they have ALWAYS been there (but not painful) or are new.
*Within last month or two - Have pain and discomfort in middle of LEFT armpit, near the hollow area.  NO swelling that I can tell.  Just soreness and pain.  It comes and goes - normally several times a week.
*Within last month or two - Have pain in upper LEFT arm on the inside (closest to chest).  Feels almost like its along a vein or something sometimes EXCEPT I CAN feel a smaller than pea-sized hard lump in that same area that brings SEVERE pain when pushed upon (almost like a subcutanous zit).  It is painful sometimes even when NOT pushed upon.  It comes and goes - normally several times a week.  Sometimes the pain shows up in other parts of the arm as well - almost like the stinging feeling when you rub really quickly and hard across the veiny part.  It almost seems like when the armpit hurts then the arm does not.  Then when the arm hurts, the armpit does not.  
*Within last two months - Pain near JAW of LEFT lower mandible.  Node near jawline is sore (or maybe it is just the jaw) and feels like it could be pronouced more than usual.
Any ideas?
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Dear PaininMale:  Breast cancer in men is uncommon but usually presents as a hard, painless lump in the breast.  Most breast cancer does not cause pain.  Pain in the chest and jaw can be indicative of serious medical problems and should be evaluated urgently.  The other pains you describe should be evaluated by a physician but may not require urgency.
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