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breast discharge
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breast discharge

hi iam a 50yr young woman with a sticky eggwhite discharge from my left breast and scared to go to my doctor do to unreliable care
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If the unilateral nipple discharge is clear and sticky, like you have described and especially if it's spontaneous,you should have a breast specialist investigate this problem as thoroughly as if it were bloody.
Nipple discharge is rarely a sign of breast cancer, but it might be indicative of an underlying condition that requires treatment.
In the meantime, take care to avoid nipple stimulation( including frequent checks for discharge)  because it can actually make the discharge persist.
Please make an appointment to consult with a breast specialist who will be able to differentiate the serious underlying causes of nipple discharge from those that do not require any further evaluation.
Sending you my best wishes.
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You need to have this checked out by a doctor.  It miight be an infection or something more serious that needs to be taken care of.  Ask your friends about a better doctor to see, or if you are locked in with the "unreliable care" - go anyway.  See what they say and if it makes sense or heals the problem.  

Not going to the doctor only makes your fear worse and is keeping you from resolving the problem.  It may be something simple and even "Old Unreliable" can get it right.  If you don't agree, at least you can move on to a second opinion and maybe will have ruled some conditions out.

I am thinking of you.
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Hello, I hope that you have received a good report from your doctor. If you don't mind I would like to ask you a question. I am 48 yrs old and had my mammogram this summer. I had to go back for some more xrays and an ultrasound and was told I had frybroid cysts which I was told was common. Two days ago I decided to check my breast and squeezed my R nipple and had a thick creamy white discharge. Naturally I am a bit anxious and when I read your note I was curious how everything turned out for you and if I should be concerned. Thank you in advance for your reply.  Singr1962
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