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brest pain
i have been having some burning sensation in my left brest i can't sleep it really bother e what can i do
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Breast pain is a common breast symptom and is not usually associated with breast cancer.Breast pain is most often due to hormonal variations called "cyclical breast pain".Non cyclical breast pain does not seem to be linked to hormonal variations and is often localized to one area of the breast tissue.
You need to have a physical examination if the pain is persistent so the doctor can evaluate your condition by proceeding with further testing if necessary.
Try to reduce caffeine intake (coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate).
Maintain a low fat diet and losing excess weight may reduce breast pain by stabilizing hormone levels.Also to help reduce breast pain try wearing a good supportive bra to reduce breast movement. Many women with breast pain find it comfortable to also wear a bra while they sleep.
Take care and best wishes.
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