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cyst is not going away and keep having more
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cyst is not going away and keep having more

Hi two years ago I had a lump in my right breast, My Dr. did an ultrasound & recomended me to have a biopsy done, while I was having a biopsy the fluid popped, My doctor told me that it was just a cyst & I don't  need to be worried about.
3 weeks ago I noticed that I have a new lump in the same breast My Dr. did an ultrasound and she told me it's a cyst, she did a needle  Aspiration  to remove the fluid.
Last week I noticed again I have a new lump in the same breast this time I have few, one lump is big and the remained are small. I had a mamogram (mammogram) and ultrasound done. The women who was doing the ultrasound saw a little bit blood in the fluid she told me that it could be from the last needle  Aspiration I had 3 weeks ago.
Today I went to see my doctor she got the result of my mamogram (mammogram) and the ultrasound she told me that the mamogram (mammogram) looks clean I just have few cyst in my breast and she told me that I don't need to remove it.
I told my Dr. that I want remove the lump  this time she is going to do a surgery to remove it  instead of having done a needle  Aspiration.
My question are : 1)does cyst develop into cancer?
                           2)could cyst be cancerous ?
                           3)having surgery to remove a cyst doest it make any complications(get infection, make the lumps
                              worst and get a cancer?
                           4)Can't I keep having a needle aspiration every time when I get a new lump instead of having a
                           5)because my lump contains bloody fluid could it be cancer
                           6)could the blood in the fluid be result of my previous needle aspiration
                           7)am I in higher risk of getting cancer because of my cystic breast?
                           8)Is the mamogram (mammogram) result 100% accurate to know if the lump is cancer or benign?
                           9)How long does a cyst take to develop?

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Ok, cysts are not cancerous and do not become cancerous.  The only way to know if a growth is a cyst or cancer is with some form of biopsy.  

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ive had a breast lump for 2 years now and it just keeps getting bigger and harder. went to a doc. and had a ultrasound done they could not see the mass or lump but could feel it and visuable see it. that was a month ago the pain is so so but the itching and redness and the increased swelling is not getting better. any suggestions
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Welcome to the community!

A suggestion: you are more likely to get comments or answers that will be helpful to you if you post your own new question, using a title that conveys your particular concern, rather than tacking a question on the end of an old thread. (That could easily be overlooked by the members who keep an eye out for new questions, and try to make sure they get at least one response.)

Please give this a try.
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