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dense glandular parenchyma
Doctor felt a mass on my left breast.I had ultrasound and says I have dense glandular parenchyma of the breast. I sas told to have mammogram to rule out neoplasm.Then, I went to another facility for mammogram. The mammogram did not show abnormality.Doctor said it' not cancer. Should I insist  for biopsy?
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I think you should have a mammogram first, as it was recommended by the first doctor.
The problem with dense breasts is that it is harder to spot an abnormality and further testing is usually recommended.An MRI could also be a very useful test when women have dense breasts.
Because the mass in your breast is palpable,you could ask your doctor to perform a needle biopsy FNA. ( Fine Needle Aspiration)
If it's a cyst the lump will collapse and no further treatment will be necessary.If the lump is a solid one, the needle can sample it so that the cells extracted can be examined by a pathologist.
Please discuss with your doctor what are your best options.
Take care and good luck..
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