fibroglandular densities
by mff8033g, Nov 21, 2007
I recently had a screening mammogram and my results were scattered fibroglandular densities.  Benign appearing calcifications are noted bilaterally. Birads category 2.  What does this mean and should I be really concerned?
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by bhumi123, Nov 22, 2007
No, you dont have to be worried. As your reports say these are benign lesions and you can discuss with your treating physician whether you need to get them removed or not.

Category 1 - Negative
Category 2 - Benign Findings
Category 3 - Probably Benign Findings, Short Interval Follow Up Suggested
Category 4 - Suspicious Abnormality, Biopsy Should Be Considered
Category 5 - Highly Suggestive of Malignancy
Category 6 - Known Biopsy Proven Malignancy

The above is the classification used by American College of Radiology. And yours is category 2 - benign. Discuss all the options your physician puts before you decide.