lump in breast
by maxine09, Aug 18, 2008
what does it mean if the lumps dont hurt i have 3 lumps in my left breast
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by Sally_OMalley, Aug 18, 2008
Get it checked out!  I have a lump in my right breast, about the size of a marble.  My doctor told me to cut back on caffeine, as it can cause fibrous cysts.  I didn't drink much caffeine to begin with, but did what she told me.  Nine months later, the lump grew a little bit and was tender.  Doctor scheduled a mammogram and biopsy for me and I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I'm only 31!  
Even if the lumps don't hurt, get them checked out anyway.  Oftentimes, cancerous lumps are not painful.  You are doing yourself a favor by having them checked out by your doctor.  
by japdipBlank, Aug 18, 2008
Breast lumps often do not cause pain ... this could be due to hormonal changes but you definitely should see your Physician. He/She can do a clinical breast exam and order any test that seems appropriate under the circumstances. Any change within the breast should ALWAYS be ck.d out ... never ignored, painful or not !!