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mysodemia- pus leaking from right nipple
pus leaking from right nipple.whitey yellowish in colour.
now only visable when i squeeze it.
have hypothiroid. 31 now have had this since age19.
taking thiroxine.
pituartory gland tumours and thiroid problems in the family.
any ideas?
please see my posts.
Beth :)
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I would first wonder if this is truly "pus" or just breast discharge. If it is pus there is an underlying infection and you should see your Dr. and get started on some antibiotic therapy. Discharge is only a cause for concern when it is spontaneous .... squeezing the breast sends a signal to the brain and some form of discharge will usually be produced; this is a normal response to the stimulation. You might ck. with your GYN for an exam and possibly an Ultrasound if he/she thinks it is appropriate. Regards ....
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